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traditional snack "Pancong"

Semi-circular shape, made from coconut milk, rice flour, coconut, and salt. Hmmm .. alloys fit for the afternoon accompany you along with a glass of hot tea, surely you would be perfect afternoon. Savory-salty savory coconut milk, especially coupled with coconut pieces, and a sprinkling of sugar on top, really tempting.
It is said that this traditional snack originally from Jakarta. In some areas in Indonesia, this cake has several different names, in Bandung this cake called cake bandros, whereas in Central Java and Yogyakarta, this cake is better known as Pancake Rangin, and in Bali named Haluman.
Pancong cake flavor is really addictive. Most appropriate moment to enjoy the freshly baked warm, savory flavor with a slightly sweet taste tempting. Outer skin crispy but soft and slightly creamy inside make the cake taste pancong can not be forgotten.

But baking a cake similar to this pukis already begun rare, the price of the materials are expensive, while the price of the cake itself masoh pancong relatively inexpensive, making many traders cake rangin choose to leave their profession. For those of you who like to cook, you can make your own pancong cake at home, cake molds are also easy to find because of the mold to make the cake pancong similar to those used to make cakes pukis.

Here are the ingredients and how to make cake pancong:
Rather young coconut 500 grams grated lengthwise.
500 grams of rice flour.
1500 ml coconut milk.
Sugar to taste for sprinkling.
Salt 2 small spoons.
Enough vegetable oil to spread.

How To Make:
Prepare a container mix some of these materials: rice flour, grated coconut and salt. Put the coconut milk gradually, stirring until blended. Prepare the mold and heat, then rub with vegetable oil. Pour the batter into the mold is then closed. If it is cooked, remove and sprinkle with granulated sugar on top

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