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Miyeok guk from korea

People used to eat Miyeok guk or Korean seaweed soup when's birthday. Seaweed soup dish also used as a post-childbirth because health benefits are amazing, and it can also soothe the stomach.

Seaweed is an excellent source of calcium, iodine, fiber, omega, vitamin B1 and B3, and low in calories. Seaweed is also believed to have the limited health benefits, such as the regulation of metabolism, blood purification, cure constipation, detoxification, anti-carcinogenic, anti-aging, and so forth.

The tradition of women who give birth and eating seaweed has existed since the Goryeo Dynasty when people observe whales that eat seaweed after childbirth. The reason why eating seaweed soup when her birthday is to remember the hard work of mothers in childbirth and raising her children.

In southern Korea, the grass soup with seafood lut such as oysters, clams, sea urchins, abalone, and other instead of beef. But for an alternative, you can use chicken meat if not consume red meat. Find out how to make it:


1 ounce of dried seaweed

9 ounces of beef (cubed for stew)

1 tablespoon salt

1 teaspoon soy sauce

1 tablespoon garlic paste

2 teaspoons sesame oil

As an option, can also be served with rice water. Provide 9 cups water and 2 cups of rice.


- Soak 10-20 grams of dried seaweed in water for 30 minutes. More than one hour is an ideal size. However, depending on how dry seaweed.

- Drain and soak again. After that piece of seaweed to taste.

- Prepare a large bowl to wash the rice. Pour 9 cups of water and wash the rice until the water turns into a milky white color. This water will be used as a basic ingredient soup.

- Saute meat that has been cut into pieces in a large pan with sesame oil and continue to stir for 3 minutes on high flame. Enter the seaweed and fry for five minutes. Add sesame oil if it starts to stick to the pan.

- Add 9 cups of rice water, 1 teaspoon finely garlic, ½ teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon soy sauce in a pan of meat and seaweed. High simmer for 30 minutes.

- Soups sea grass ready to be served with rice, kinchi, or other complementary foods.

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