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snow white

Snow White fairy tale is derived from the German fairy tale. Tale was first recorded in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm to grow and become one of the well-known fairy tale today.

Fairy tales are identical with the magic mirror, crystal bed, a poisoned apple and the seven dwarfs are very popular as fairy tales. Call it the Walt Disney, a production house that often make up the story cartoon Snow White in the movie titled Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. this story :

Once in a huge palace, life was a beautiful princess. She was very pretty, with blue eyes and long black hair. Her skin was smooth and white, so he was called Snow White. Snow White has a stepmother who was always jealous of the beauty of Snow White. Her stepmother is also very beautiful, and the magic mirror say this every day, every time he asked it.

One day, her stepmother asked the magic mirror which women are the most beautiful in the country and the magic mirror answered Snow White was the fairest in the land. Stepmother was very angry. Then he asked the waiter for his beliefs to bring Snow White into the woods, away from the palace and kill him. But the waitress did not kill Snow White, he let the innocent little girl was gone.

In the forest, Snow White alone and scared. He did not know where he should go. But suddenly he saw a quaint little cottage. He wondered who lived there, then he memtuskan to get into the cabin.

In the cabin, there are 7 beds and a kitchen. Snow White is very tired to see the contents of the cottage, and suddenly fall asleep. In the afternoon, the seven dwarfs who lived in the cottage, go home. They were surprised to see there was a young woman there. One dwarf wake him up and asked him who he was. Snow White told them his sad story. The seven dwarfs Snow White also understand the feelings and asked him to stay with them in the cabin.

While in the palace, the waiter came back and told the stepmother of Snow White that Snow White has died. Then stepmother asked once again the magic mirror who is the most beautiful in the country and still magic mirror answered Snow White was the one who lived in a small hut with the seven dwarfs are the prettiest. So stepmother angry and he's planning something bad for Snow White.

Then stepmother disguises herself as an old woman who sells poison apple basket and go to the cottage. In the lodge, seven drawfts warns Snow White to not open the door to strangers.

Stepmother finally arrived to the hut and began offering Snow White's apple. Snow White refused to open the door but stepmother continue to persuade and ultimately Snow White opened the door and buy the apple then he ate it. So Snow White with a poisoned apple fell on his side.

In the evening, when the seven dwarfs came home, they were surprised by Snow White lying on the floor with a pale face and a poisoned apple beside him. The seventh dwarf sad to see Snow White is dying but not dead. Then the seven dwarfs decided to make a beautiful bed made of crystal to make Snow White is still alive.

Day after day, seven dwarves waiting for a miracle to come when Snow White suddenly awakened. Then one day, there was a traveler who is actually a prince of a kingdom far saw a beautiful woman laid on a bed of crystals. The rover also asked what happened and dwarf dwarf tells the story.

Hear the story of Snow White, the prince decided to take him to the palace and asked the doctor to heal. Then the prince kissed him to show his intentions. But suddenly Snow White back to life. The fact is that the prince's kiss destroy the evil spell. Then the prince asked Snow White to marry him.

From that day, Snow White lived happily in a big castle. But from time to time, he often returned to visit a small cottage in the woods belonging to 7 dwarves are loved....

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