Rabu, 31 Desember 2014

moment ..

Can not you wait a minute?
Do not you know my heart is scratched and hurt?
Because of you, I was crying and laughing
But why did you try to leave me again?
Can not you just once more to think about yourself?
Why do you hide yourself, pretend that you did not do it?
I want to live as if I forget you But I can not do anything without you
Someone who is always there beside me and that person is you
I can not help it but I can not let him go My love painful
How much more I have to throw myself?
Can you hear my heart cry?
Even if I let go of everything
You're the only balanced for the

In your heart, in your mind love Undecided
Even if we are far apart, and even if we are hidden, love is you
I hope longing can bring winds tell about my heart
Love is these moments, the day in which you came
You fill my eyes, you fill my heart and now all my thoughts are of you

Love is this moment, the moment where you left
I can not forget it, I kept thinking about it
Close your eyes, close your ears, feel my love
Even if I 'can not hold you, even if I' can not embrace you, love you still
I hope longing hidden under the sun can tell you about my heart

Love is a moment of this day that let you go
My heart has stopped, time has also been stopped
Love is this moment, the day when I left
Love left the excess to continue to hurt
In your eyes, in your mind love ...

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