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Asignment II

Inquiry Letter

Inquiry Letter is a letter written to request information and or ascertain its authenticity. A letter of inquiry deals with various matters like job vacancies, funding, grants, scholarships, projects, sales, pre-proposals and others. The term is common in various business setups as it implies fund request or pre-proposal information. Owing to this usage, the term may be considered exclusive to these setups alone. (http://letters.targetstudy.com/inquiry-letter/) (http://businessletterx.net/inquiry-letter-of-continuity-the-acceptance-agent/)

Order Letter

An order letter is usually written when a company purchases or buys  or orders goods or services from another party. An order letter can also be written by an individual who would like to buy or purchase goods or services. Here is an Order Letter you  might need  when  you order goods and materials.  Do not forget to clearly state the exact name of the merchandise, the price, and the amount of payment being sent. (http://www.englet.com/order)

Complaint Letter

A complaint letter may be written by the customer to the business people or by the subordinates to the seniors etc. It can also be written for personal reasons. A complaint letter will be effective if you make sure to include five key points in your complaint letter that are background, problem statement with cause and effect, possible suggested solution, warning if the problem is serious and proper closing of the letter. Warning section is optional which depends on the situation/problem.(http://www.wordstemplates.org/tag/free-complaint-letter-template/)


Memo is a concise message, the messages are written someone with a short, clear, and easy to understand. According to the application, there is an official memo and private (unofficial). Memo is officially adopted as a statement of the formal relationship of a leader to his subordinates. Used as a personal memo memorandum or letter is not an official statement among friends, relatives, or others who have a close relationship (pict : car-memes.com)

Application Letter 

Application Letter is a letter written for a variety of purposes in our day to day activities which can be domestic or professional. It is a liability conferred upon the sender by an authority. In such a liability the sender is expected to explain, inform/pre-inform the authoritative receiver about particular ongoing/upcoming activities, events, process or procedures. It is also a written request when written for assistance, admission, employment, favour, information, permission, service etc. A letter of application is also an accompanying document as and when required. When it does so it is
Known as cover letter. An application letter is largely a formal type of letter as it follows a predefined format which is applicable to most type of application letters. (http://sulfuroxide.blogspot.com/2014/11/asignment-ii.)

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