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Assignment 3

Definition of mail 

The letter is a means of communication to convey information written by one party to another. Its functions include five things: a means of notices, requests, thoughts, and ideas; written evidence; a reminder; historical evidence; and guidelines work. generally, it takes stamps and envelopes as a substitute pay the shipping service. The further purpose of sending of the values listed in stamps must be greater as well.

Type of mail :

mail are generally classified into three personal mail, official mail, and commercial mail when viewed in terms of form, content. when classified based on based on usage can be divided into three personal mail, official mail, and official mail.
  1. personal letter

    Personal letter is a letter that is used for private purposes. Letters may be a correspondence among friends or family. The characteristics of a private letter:

    • Do not use letterhead
    • No number of letters
    • Greeting and closing varies 
    • Free use of language, as desired author 
    • Free letter format 
  2. 2. missive

    Official letter is a letter that is used for legitimate interests, whether individuals, institutions, and organizations, invitations, newsletters, and notification

    3. Letters Commerce

    Letters are used for commercial entities conducting business activities such as trade and business services industries. This letter is very useful in building relationships with outside parties that must be prepared well. Letters consist of securities trading transactions, receipts, and trade; and can be divided into internal and commercial letters of commercial letters eksternal.Salah an example of a commercial letter of offer letter and letter adalan billing.

    4.letter Office

    Official letter is used for the benefit of formal employment as official agencies and office tasks. This letter is important in the management of the administration in an official letter that instansi.Fungsi as documents written evidence, related to its function as a reminder for the archives, historical evidence on development agencies, and the guidelines in the form of decrees and letters of instruction

    about memo 
    Memo is a concise message, the messages are written someone with a short, clear, and easy to understand. According to the
    application, there is an official memo and private (unofficial). Memo is officially adopted as a statement of the formal relationship of a leader to his subordinates. Used as a personal memo memorandum or letter is not an official statement among friends, relatives, or others who have a close relationship.

    characteristic memo 
    • Special letters made specifically for the purposes of the office or organization 
    • Have a piece of mail that is much simpler than the official letter in general, especially in the letter.
    • Is a form of communication that contains advice, instruction, or the description of a case 
     memo type :     
  • head Memo
         the word "MEMO"
         Date pengimin
         Initials and the name of the sender light

  •      Contents, author directly forthwith message or command in short sentences and straightforward.
  •      foot memo
         Signed (could be a signature, initials, thumbprint and the like)
         Name memo maker

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