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Business letter

business letter :

Business letter is a letter that is used both individuals, agencies, organizations and institutions whose content is to deliver business messages written using a certain media either via post, fax or internet media. Business letter has many types of business letters such types of offers, introductory business letter, business letter order

example business letter :


Media Computers                                                                      Jakarta, March 5th 2014
5th Floor, Mangga Dua Mall
Blok E19, Jakarta


Dear Mr. Chris Lapash,

I am interested in the items contained in the Computer Magazine December 10 issue of the Computer Magazine 2013. I want to order :
  1. 4 piece external hard drive with a capacity of 2 terabytes
  2. 4 internal hard drive with capacity of 1 terabytes
  3. 4 piece external hard drive with a capacity 500 gigabytes
Please be sent to the address at Mangga Besar street number 19, Jakarta Utara. For the payment I will immediately transfer into your account is listed on your ads in the Computer Magazine.

                                                                                                               Your Sincerely,

                                                                                                            Michael Phassero

Note :
The reason I bougth it because when I saw the ads in a Computer Magazine I really interested in the goods being sold because it has lower price than the market

Part, Type and Style :

Type :
·         Letter of Complaint
·         Resume Cover Letter
·         Letter of Recommendation
·         Letter of Resignation
·         Job Applicant Not Hired
·         Declining Dinner Invitation
·         Reception of Gift
·         Notification of Error
·         Thanks For Job Recommendation
·         Information Request

Part :
·          Letterhead
·         The Date of The Letter
·         The Inside Address
·         The Greeting / Salutation
·          The Subject Line (Optional)
·         The Body Paragraphs
·         The Complimentary Close
·         Signature and Writer's Indentification
·         Initials, Enclosures, Copies

·         Block Style
·         Semi Block Style
·         Full Block Style
·         Indented Style
·         Simplified Style
·         Hanging Indentation Style


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